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White dekton modern counter-top


Dekton is an ultracompact, highly resistant material. Considered a very high quality product, Dekton is extremely resistant to heat, scratches and stains. It allows for uniform colors and larger pieces that result in seamless and uniform counter-tops. It is also available in different textures that are interesting not only to the eye but also the touch. It's highly resistant properties also allow for Dekton to be installed as outdoor counter-tops.

Light with dark veins granite counter-top


Granite is always an interesting product because each slab is unique. Granite is also very resistant to heat, scratches and when properly sealed it is also resistant to stains. If originality, durability and resistance are qualities you seek for your counter-top, Granite can be a great choice. Visit out showroom to see the samples of available styles and colors.

Dark, black quartz counter-top


In some cases Quartz counter-tops can be just as durable as granite but offer more flexibility when it comes to color and installation. Being non-porous, Quartz does not require to be sealed and is an overall low-maintenance product. We have a large selection of styles in-store and many samples to choose from.