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image a light modern and rustic kitchen


A beautiful product line that offers a rustic finish to your cabinets. In line with today's styles and trends, the rough chic line is great for your kitchen and/or bathroom cabinets. You can blend the Rough Chic textures with other products to create beautiful 'combo' kitchens.


Available in any and all colors with different degrees of gloss, lacquered MDF is an economical option that is fully customizable. You can expect even coloration and it can be applied on all door models. Lacquered MDF is a low maintenance product that stands up well to changes in humidity and heat.

a contemporary kitchen with light cabinets
Modern kitch with imitation wood doors


Slab Veneer doors allow you to enjoy the look and feel of natural wood grains all while keeping the smooth and slick lines for your modern kitchen design. With an engineered core, slab veneer doors are resistant and built to last.

Dark hardwood kitchen cabinets


With many finishing options available you can choose the way you would like to enjoy the natural grains and beauty of a solid wood kitchen. Choose from a variety of different wood essences ad customize your solid wood kitchen. 


Only recently being made available on the North American market 'Euro-Laminate' cabinets can have a textured finish and are highly resistant. Considering the quality finish of Euro-Laminate cabinets it is definitely a cost efficient option.

modern and sleek kitchen cabinets
A similacquer kitchen cabinet installation


A new product with varying colors and degrees of gloss available. The 'similacquer' line is unique and inspires creativity. It is resistant and easy to clean and maintain. Available in 'Uni-Gloss', 'Gloss-Wood' and 'Absolute-Matte'.


Seamless in design, thermoplastic doors can be used in both a modern and traditional setting. Finished appearances can range from solid even colors to the look and feel of natural wood. A highly resistant and cost friendly option for your new kitchen.

thermo-plastic kitchen cabinets installed